there is a flame that never dies

Writers aren’t people exactly.
Or, if they’re any good, they’re a whole lot of people
trying so hard to be one person.

If you met a person in a bookstore and instantly fell in love with them, and after some time had passed they told you that they were actually a book in human form, what genre do you think that they would be?

The easy answer here is to say fantasy because there’s no other way that could happen, but I just love this question so much that I can’t possibly give it such a boring answer.

I think I would prefer a book that was commercial fiction. Not because I like fabricated people, but because I don’t believe people fit into genres. A little bit of every genre would have to go into the book of a person I fell in love with: literary parts, providing the backstory in prose; humour, which I absolutely can’t do without; a little romance because what is life without it; some drama because it always leads to great experiences; and, speaking of, I’d need some action/adventure to not get bored.

I think the only way for me to successfully fall in love with the book of a person would be if it was a little mix of everything. After all, that’s how I prefer people

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